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Critical Pathfinders offers both training and development programs and team-building sessions in several different adventure settings. The main difference is that our training and development programs are implemented over time while our team building sessions usually last for one day.

Our training and development programs are designed to cause lasting change in your organization. Our programs are delivered over time, not all at once, and typically involve one quarterly day of training for four quarters. We help crystallize the learning that takes place with followup and implementation services such as consulting and coaching support.

Our team building sessions typically last for a full day but can also fit into a half-day schedule. They are designed to build relationships between your staff members and create in-depth discussions around issues and opportunities that the team currently faces. Our team building services are an excellent complement to offsites, meetings and conferences.

We have a couple of different settings that encourage people to learn. Our Adventure Paddle Day is our most well-known adventure setting. The team paddles canoes or kayaks on flat water. This is an excellent way to take a team out of its comfort zone and allows significant learning to take place as a result.

Our Adventure Playday is non-seasonal because it can take place either indoors or outdoors. It is a series of experiential learning activities that are designed to cause learning in a variety of business skills.

Decision time! Do you want a training and development solution or a team building session?



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