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Team Building

Team building packages

In today's business climate, it is increasingly important to take time away from work to strengthen the relationships between people. An increasing need for teamwork and collaboration is compelling organizations to look for ways to bring people closer together knowing that if employees like one another better they will be more effective in work situations.

Critical Pathfinders offers team building packages that build relationships while meeting your business needs in an enjoyable and memorable setting. Imagine the power of a team building session in which developmental objectives are being met while employees are enjoying themselves!

There are two "adventure settings" that we use to deliver our team building sessions. Our Adventure Paddle Day takes the team flat-water canoeing or kayaking and uses this setting to inspire the team to learn and grow. Our Adventure Playday is an indoor or outdoor session that runs year-round and involves a series of engaging experiential learning activities. Click to learn more about our adventure settings.

All of our team building programs use an experiential learning approach to deliver the desired learning. Experiential learning is about "learning by doing". It is effective because it is a more memorable form of learning than other approaches. Click for more information about how we use Experiential Learning.



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